Fei-Yue Wang

Having stumbled across an apparently innocent article on 'social computing' (link), I soon realized that one of the authors (Fei-Yue Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Arizona) also published on “Artificial Intelligence for Homeland Security” (link, with Hsinchun Chen, also University of Arizona)

What else (among other stuff that fits well)?

Application of a Decomposed Support Vector Machine Algorithm in Pedestrian Detection from a Moving Vehicle by Hong Qiao, Fei-Yue Wang, and Xianbin Cao (link to IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (IEEE ISI-2005))

Fast Pedestrian Detection Using Color Information by Yan Wu Xu, X.B. Cao, Hong Qiao, Fei-Yue Wang (ISI-2006)
Covering Based Granular Computing for Conflict Analysis by William Zhu, Fei-Yue Wang (ISI-2006; Surveillance, Bioterrorism, and Emergency Response)
A Multiclass Classifier to Detect Pedestrians and Acquire Their Moving Styles by D. Chen, Xianbin Cao, Hong Qiao, Fei-Yue Wang (ISI-2006)

Tiananmen, Kent State, Baghdad - all automatic.

It is worth noting that the person in focus is said to have been involved in the Chinese government's long-term technology planning.

The question to be further investigated is how the US government gives input (via funding) to developing means of suppresion of democracy to have them employed in China to gain empirical evidence on the least immersive but still promising methodology.

Followup needed.

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